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Status of Tropo, the cloud communications service.

Weekly maintenance window Saturdays from 1am - 3am Eastern. No downtime is normally expected during these windows.

Service Restored: 956 Johnson City, TN

4 days ago - 3:19pm EST

All services for Johnson City, TN have been restored. 

Start time:11 April 2014 - 10:39AM ET

Stop time:11 April 2014 - 02:23PM ET

Responsible Party: LEC / Carrier

Fix / Cause of Outage: Equipment Failure

If you are still experiencing trouble, please contact our Tropo support team (


Outage Notification: Johnson City, TN

4 days ago - 1:43pm EST

We are experiencing a transport issue for the Johnson City, TN area today,  affecting your inbound origination service only. Some customers may experience one-way audio or dead air when calls are being set up.

We are currently working with the carrier to resolve the issue. If you determine you are having trouble, please open a ticket (support@tropo. com) and our support team and we will assess and determine if it is related.

The following market is impacted:

  • 956 - Johnson City, TN - Impaired

Service Notification: Planned Maintenance in the Netherlands

5 days ago - 10:16am EST

Our local partner in the Netherlands has scheduled maintenance for 2014-03-29. The work will be performed during the following time window:

Start time: 2014-04-12, 01:00 GMT
End time: 2014-04-12, 05:00 GMT
Estimated impact: Preventive measures have been taken in order to cause no impact, though a few minutes of downtime could occur in the given time window.

If you determine you are having issues post the time window, please open a ticket at ( and our Tropo support team will assess and determine if it is related to the outage. 


Outage Notification - Tucson, AZ - Down Hard

1 week ago - 1:58pm EST

We are experiencing a transport issue on one of our carrier networks, affecting your inbound origination service only. 

The following Markets are impacted:

  • 668 - Tucson, AZ - Down Hard

If you determine you are having any issues, please open a ticket ( and our Tropo support team will assess and determine if it is related to the outage. 

Service has been restored to this market. The problem was due to a configuration error in our carriers network which has now been resolved. 


Maintenance Notification: Ireland

2 weeks ago - 6:59pm EST

Our local partner in Ireland is planning to carry out maintenance work during the following time window: 

Start time: 2014-03-28, 23:00 GMT 
End time: 2014-03-29, 03:00 GMT 
Estimated impact: No Impact is Expected 

If you experience any trouble post the maintenance window, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Intermittent issue with U.S. based SMS

3 weeks ago - 5:06pm EST

Our U.S. provider indicates there is an intermittent outage with SMS traffic to and from U.S. numbers. We are monitoring the situation with the provider and will update again once the outage is resolved.

RESOLUTION: As of 7:30 p.m. EST, our provider reports all clear. If you have any further trouble, please contact

4 weeks ago - 12:14pm EST

While performing emergency maintenance, one of the Tropo runtimes was inadvertently restarted before it was fully out of routing and all calls had a chance to clear.  Unfortunately, a small number of calls were affected by this action.  We’ve reached out directly to those that were affected.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 


Development environment voice carrier failing to connect calls for some non-U.S. traffic

1 month ago - 3:09pm EST

We have identified an issue where calls across a specific carrier are failing, resulting in an eventually returned “480 Temporarily Unavailable” SIP response code. We have shifted carriers to resolve the problem temporarily and will continue to work on the issue with the failing carrier.

RESOLVED: Issue identified as a whitelist misconfiguration at the carrier level and is resolved today at 18:15 GMT.


Provisioning Delays

1 month ago - 12:41pm EST

We are seeing delays adding/removing phone numbers and modifying/creating applications - appears the issue began around 11:00 a.m. EST, and persists currently. We are working with out hosting provider to resolve as soon as possible.

RESOLUTION: Our hosting provider identified a server issue, which we resolved by eliminating a dependency. All provisioning issues should now be resolved, as of 3:30 p.m. EST today (waited a bit to ensure no further issues shook out over the past few hours) - if you spot any issues or run into any trouble, please email for help.


Service Notification: Maintenance in Finland

1 month ago - 8:44pm EST

Our local partner is planning to carry out maintenance work in Finland during the following time window: 

Start time: 2014-03-11, 20:00 GMT 
End time: 2014-03-11, 23:00 GMT 
Estimated impact: No traffic impact is expected. 

Please contact if there are an questions or would like to report an issue.